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Chronologiste - Pré-Cleanse Régénérant Scalp Scrub

Chronologiste - Pré-Cleanse Régénérant Scalp Scrub

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Youth revitalizing purifying pre-shampoo infused with Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid, Abyssine & Vitamin E. Purifies and removes impurities for a balanced scalp - 200 ml

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Purifying & detoxifying pre-wash to promote a healthy scalp:
-Deeply cleanses scalp and roots
-Removes dead skin cells and flakey skin
-Unclogs scalp pores by removing pollution particles
-Leaves scalp feeling revitalized & refreshed

كيفية الإستعمال

Apply to dry scalp and roots before shampooing. Massage. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Bain Régénérant.


-Detoxifies and purifies scalp and roots
-Deeply cleanses scalp and roots

Hyaluronic Acid :
-Moisturizes & hydrates both scalp & fibre
-Plumps fibre for fuller effect

Abyssine :
-Invigorates & revitalizes fibre
-Provides a flawless finish

Vitamin E :
-Protects from external aggressors thanks to
anti-oxidant properties
-Prevents damage from UV, pollution & free-radicals


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